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Employee Health Insurance & Benefits

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Health Care Reform – Our staff is professionally trained in all areas of healthcare regulations and requirements. Contact us today for guidance and answers.

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Finding and comparing competitive business health insurance quotes is one way we can assist with your company’s needs. Accessing a wide number of insurance companies, South-West Insurance is a premier choice for reviewing health, dental, life, and ancillary benefits. Currently serving the needs of many business owners, we can help you learn and understand the benefits and shortcomings of group health insurance, dental insurance, and ancillary benefits. The Employee Benefits Division is solely dedicated to providing Life and Health Insurance and related products. The EBD currently employs seven (7) full-time employees and provides services and coverage to over 30,000 lives. We offer a choice of funding arrangements including fully insured minimum premium, self-insured, and self-funding depending on the client’s needs.

Our services include:

  • All local or toll free phone lines
  • Exclusive Customer Service Representative for your account
  • Account Executive to assist in designing programs to meet the needs of your group
  • Assistance in preparing all necessary documentation
  • Assistance with changes of the group, such as additions or terminations
  • Total claims administration
  • Coverage booklets
  • Annual re-enrollment meeting for all benefits